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Marcem Event Planner

Business Address: 15/C, 5 4th Zamzama Ln, Phase Karachi, 75600, Pakistan


Price starting from:Rs.938,415

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Marcem Event Planner is a Caterer, Event planner located at 15/C, 5 4th Zamzama Ln, Phase Karachi, 75600, Pakistan, and having a phone number 0336 0101264, visiting hours are Monday: 10 AM-8 PM | Tuesday: 10 AM-8 PM | Wednesday: 10 AM-8 PM | Thursday: 10 AM-8 PM | Friday: Closed | Saturday: 10 AM-8 PM | Sunday: 10 AM-8 PM

*Shadi Guider is not in any way affiliated with this business.

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